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Better Business Bureau
From Roger on 11 Oct '01
Just wanted to let you guys know the cost for the BBB was
$385.00. That's an annual fee keep in mind. I went ahead and
joined. They ask your whole history but I think the primary
concern is the $$$. Hey, any of you guys know a good script to
run off my site for a mailing list? I'm using Microsoft bCentral
now and I hate it. Plus, it's something like 270 to renew at the
end of the year. It was 150 to join. My site has one built in but
there's a limit to 1000 members on it and I'm already at 360. In
addition to that, it's too complicated and you have to manually
remove people when they unsubscribe. Does anyone know a good
script (easy to use, and automatic with subscribers and
unsubscribers) to run off my own site? A program, not a service
for a mailing list? Well, thanks again guys! Rog

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