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Re: Ecommerce student presentation
From Inachu at on 16 Oct '01
replying to Ecommerce student presentation posted by Bob Moar

Well the best way if you had time would be to draw it up as a
rough draft on paper and get a theme going and each page must
adhere to that theme.

Next choose your colors. Too many and it will distract your users.
Might be a good Idea to come up with a logo as well.

Use more than one photo editor program for those quick edits you
needs to do. Same goes for animation. Some animators are better
at one thing than another. My computer system has 5 graphic
editors and 5 animators of various types and I have 8 html
editors to test build and play with .

As a rule of thumb as you build a site you will always want to
make it better so keep a history of your builds in separate
folders so your clients can see changes that were made.

Examples are everywhere on the web. Just take what you like and
combine them and take out what you don't need. The internet is a
soup and you are it's chef!

Good Luck!


>Just started school in Sept. Designed a web page for a track and field
>event. Must present it to a imaginary client, any good basic tips. Im
>just into html and alittle javascript. Need some basic design
>points, theory or examples for oral presentation.

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