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For Clare
From Dale on 16 Oct '01
Found this posting that may be of interest to you and possibly others

Point 1 Traffic1.htm:


There are three main search engines. We suggest you spend more
effort to get listed on these:

1) Yahoo - getting listed at Yahoo should be your primary goal.
This is the directory that started it all and is the most popular
and most used search engine.

2) Lycos - another big engine that uses a spider to index your site.

3) AltaVista - getting listed at AltaVista is not very difficult.
Getting a high listing requires good Meta Tags.

There are many more where your website should be listed, but
these three should be (and we hope are) your priority. A good
listing on any of these three will give you a good traffic boost.


Yahoo is not a search engine. It is a directory that suppliments
it's SERP's with data from Google (commonly called Yahoogle or
Yahoo.Google. While Lycos does have a spider - they are fully
integrated with DMOZ and Fast/Alltheweb (meaning they use data
from them) It earns the title of search engine as it does have
spiders - but it does not rely on it's own spiders for the
majority of it's SERP data. AltaVista is still considered a major
engine - but it is steadily declining in importance. Their recent
attempts to restructure and revive may indeed be a benefit - but
it is rare that a site actually get's enough traffic from them to
be beneficial. - Again, NO mention of Google. You might want to
check this out [Stats on search engines/searchs per day]


Meta tags

When you submit your site to a search engine that uses spiders,
the only thing they ask you for is your URL. That's because they
send a spider to crawl your site's Meta tags. That is why Meta
Tags are very important. Most people don't realize that. On the
next page you'll see what your Meta Tags should look like.


I think not. Yes, you usually only submit your url because they
go grab the data from the page itself - but Meta tags are not all
they grab, not even the most important thing they grab. TEXT is
what they take - all the text from your site - this is used to
determine you placement and rank NOT meta tags.


<TITLE> Your website's title </TITLE>
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="keyword 1,keyword 2">
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Description of your site">
<META NAME="OWNER" CONTENT="your email address">
<META NAME="RATING" CONTENT="General">(If you have an adult site,
write: Adult)


"Expires" is useless - they could care less.. they visit your
site when they want.

"VW96" is a new one on me
"rating" should be gained by visiting the IRCA not determined

"revisit" is another useless tag

Here is another clue - you should make your meta specific to the
individual page not copy it across the board.


Meta Tag Keywords

Keywords are the most important thing in the Meta Tags

You have a maximum of 255 characters.


even AltaVista ignores this one now. Keywords are determined by
word usage on your page, character max varies per engine. I do
agree with your misspellings comment tho - but not just for the
tag - they need to be used on your page to count.

Alt tags are useful - when used wisely - this is something else
that is being spammed to death with keyword stuffing.. you should
also keep in mind that there is an internet community of blind
people that surf the web - their computers use these alt tags to
describe the image for this audience - do you really want to be
that rude?

Title stacking - Do not repeat it more than 3 times or it's spam
- try more than once. The rest are either ignored or penalized as

Hiding meta - as previously pointed out is a useless task. You
can't and you should not care - meta tags to not make a page.

Ok - almost choked on Page 5.. A splash page is GOOD! - Help me
here gang! 2 to 10 splash pages!!! OhKay. This would be a Doorway
page.. and 100% spam - infact this will get your site dumped out
of Google and AV's index faster than anything right now.

Page 6..

Exicte is Bankrupt.
Google updates every 28 days - you have a 2 week window to catch
the next update - people rarely make it - standard is 2 months
from submission

Yahoo is $299 now
About - what no ref to Sprinks??
Looksmart prices are wrong too.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using automated
software to submit to major se's (or attempt I should say) It is
impossible with AV and bannable by Google standards. While minor
engines may accept it - they really don't drive the kind of
traffic that business sites require.

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