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Parsing data
From Inachu on 2 Nov '01
I am curious if I should use javascript or cgi or smething simple
such as batch or basic(qbasic) for parsing of data.

This can be done either loacally on a web browser.

The sample data to parse would look something like:


109328746 121 data street nw $5.00 500

I am thinking that for ease of use perhaps use javascript or asp(PWS)

What do you guys think?

It's been well over 13 years since I have really done any kind of
programming so I am very rusty.

I am at this moment reading--->

Should XML scare me?!? and does pws support xml? I don't think so...

If any of you guys search and find better sites that offer
parsing information or code please chip in! :-)

The end result I would like the parsed data to show up and be
used on the web. Cutting and pasting data into a form for the
informatiion to be parsed at first sounds to be a good idea but
forms have a input limit I am sure of

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