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Re: Statistics Page
From Jim on 5 Nov '01
replying to Statistics Page posted by David

>Does anyone know how to make your own statistics page so you can
>see where your hits are coming from? Is it possible to make your
>own or do you have to stick with what the server has? I hate the
>way there's is setup and would prefer my own. Any info. would be

I agree, most hosts have crap reporting systems, if at all.

There are two ways of doing your own. If you have access to your
logfile then it's just a question of writing a script to display
the stats as you want to see them. If you don't have access to
your logfile then you can use an SSI-driven CGI script to write
the stats to your own file. In either case you'll need some
programming experience.

Alternatively you can find a host that gives you no-nonsense
stats, displayed logically. Like ours for instance :) If you're
interested, email me at and I'll show you a
sample of our traffic analysis system.

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