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Re: Cookies
From Inachu on 5 Nov '01
replying to Cookies posted by David

Some cookies are just counters(page hits) and some are session
cookies that let you stay logged in without typing in your
password for every password protected site you visit within a

Also cookies are used for advertisement display purposes.
So it really depends on your needs on your site if you really
need them.

Cookies can be used for faster page loading but we are really
talking about cached website hostory files located on your
computer so the browser will not go out and grab the same stuff
all the time.

Then the only time it does grab new information is on the age of
a cookie or date within a file(html)

>Could someone tell me the primary objective of the cookie? Is it
>just used to collect info on people or does it serve other
>purposes? i read that it gives your webpage a faster load time if
>the person visited before and the cookie is still there. Is that
>true? Should i use one even though i don't collect information on
>my visitors?

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