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Re: Please help me with my business queries
From Sami on 6 Nov '01
replying to Please help me with my business queries posted by John M Thomas

>I am thinking of setting up a web design company and could use
>your help in some basic questions. How did you estimate
>prospective sales and decide upon your selling prices?

It's difficult to judge until you have some experience. The best
thing to do is decide on a price you would be comfortable with,
then put it to the client. If they're genuine they'll usually
either accept your price or negotiate with you. If they just turn
you down flat then chances are they were never serious about
hiring you anyway.

> How did you go about analysing the market

Your time would be better spent developing your skills rather
than wasting your time on pointless exercises like this. What
does that actually mean anyway?

> and how did you find out about your competitors?
>Finally, how did you distinguish yourself from
>your competitors?

If you're in the web design business then you'll see a
"competitor" every time you look at a web site. At the end of the
day, if you produce quality work then you'll have no shortage of

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