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Re: Problem
From Dale on 13 Nov '01
replying to Problem posted by Peter Rotgers

Cant see why that would happen, unless people are finding
'Others' a different way...Looked over you main page code...good
stuff, probably the best Ive seen in a while, only 5 or 6 Alt=
tags missing and your version on HTML that belongs in the first

>On our site there are 16 pages with photos. Every 4 months these
>pages are renewed: New photo's (new image jpg) and the html-page
>is adjusted. The titles of these pages and the URL's remain as
>they were.
>I have noticed that after renewing these pages there is a dip in
>the number of orders that we get. I cannot figure out why this is
>Perhaps this has something to do with cached pages and cached
>images?? Perhaps it has something to do with proxy-servers??
>I would be gratefull if somebody could advice. Thanks in advance.
>Peter Rotgers

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