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Re: hiding source code.
From argh at on 14 Nov '01
replying to Re: hiding source code. posted by Tammy

If, for example, you go to the free members' homepage editing
part of the site, where i was hoping to steal the source in order
to submit non-online-edited-ad-filled-crap-layout pages without
paying the extra you need to in order to ftp the page, then you
can't right-click view source (greyed out) or go to view->source,
or even save the page. what you can do is right click on a link
to the page of interest and save the page, then look to your
heart's content once it's on your machine.

>I beg to differ go to don't know how she did it but it will not show you the source code
>>>> Do most of you use the cloaks for hiding source code on your web pages?
>>>There's no such thing.
>>Jim's right ... for the browser to build the page, it has to be given the HTML codes.
>>But I bet someone will offer to sell him one anyway. :)

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