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Re: Thank you Bill!
From boomer on 19 Feb '99
replying to Thank you Bill! posted by Robert

>I design all of my pages to pass this standard, and I believe
everyone should.
Aren't you a hottub salesman?

It is rude to call someone a moron and it is just as rude
to create a web site that won't work right under
a common standard that has been established FOR THE GOOD
OF THE INTERNET AS A WHOLE because you just don't give a damn.
Big companies don't care about us and only push the technologies
that will bring them the most gain, good or bad.

Just a wee bit paranoid are we? Maybe take a valium or two.

The web is what we make it.I want my little piece of it to
be friendly to everyone.

Like we should use your example? Enough already, point made
now lets move on.

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