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Re: #Exec is disabled on IIS4 & 5
From Kelly on 15 Nov '01
replying to #Exec is disabled on IIS4 & 5 posted by Jacques

>What follows is an article on the M$ site.
>I've personnaly tried doing a form post to an ASP page, then INCLUDE an SHTML where the EXEC CGI command is located... the ASP code gets executed but not the EXEC CGI.
>I've tried doing a form post to an SHTML which then calls an ASP page using the INCLUDE...the CGI EXEC runs, but not the ASP code (only the straight HTML within the ASP page gets returned).
>So much for backwards compatibility????
>If you find how to do this, please email me.
>INFO: Server Side Include Directives Not Processed by ASP
>The information in this article applies to:
>Active Server Pages
>Microsoft Internet Information Server versions 4.0, 5.0
>When attempting to process a Server Side Include (SSI) directive within an Active Server Pages (ASP) file, the only directive type that will be processed is the #INCLUDE directive. Other directives such as #EXEC are not supported by ASP.
>If the page containing your source code has a file extension of .asp, then it will be processed by Asp.dll. Asp.dll and Ssinc.dll do not interact; therefore, SSI directives will not be processed by Ssinc.dll. The only SSI directive that will be processed by Asp.dll is the #INCLUDE directive.
>For the latest Knowledge Base artices and other support information on Visual InterDev and Active Server Pages, see the following page on the Microsoft Technical Support site:
>Additional query words:
>Keywords : kbASP kbScript kbVisID100 kbWebServer kbGrpASP kbDSupport kbiis400 kbiis500
>Version : winnt:4.0,5.0
>Platform : winnt
>Issue type : kbinfo
>Technology :


If you are trying to execute a CGI script, why not post the form
data directly to the CGI script? If you need to execute an ASP
page and a CGI script, don't #INCLUDE the ASP page, #EXEC it.

* Submit the form to a .shtml page.
* Embed a <!-- #EXEC CGI="xxx.asp" --> in the shtml page
* Embed a <!-- #EXEC CGI="xxx.exe" --> in the shtml page

Every bit of information I can find on the subject points out
that ASP pages do not support the #EXEC directive. If you must
call the CGI, it *MUST* be in the shtml file. The ASP file as far
as I know will *NOT* do it. You may also, from ASP, use the
Response.Redirect method to call the CGI script, if it is the
last thing to be done.

I hope this answers your question.


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