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Re: Netscape 6/ Frontpage 2000/2002
From Andrew on 27 Nov '01
replying to Re: Netscape 6/ Frontpage 2000/2002 posted by Jason

it wasnt a "smart mouth comment". You used a microsoft product
that writes "microsoft HTML"....... of coure IE will disply it
perfectly. Netscape is NOT microsoft.

even if you write pure code by hand, you wont get exactly the
same look in both browsers for everything. Welcome to the browser

>That question wasn't put quite right maybe. I mean, it was built
>with a name brand program, and Netscape is pretty damn popular.
>So, why would it mess up? I do appreciate the smart mouth
>comment. However, any useful information as to why it would be
>messing up and how I could correct it would be helpful too.

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