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Re: Thank you Bill!
From Baz at on 19 Feb '99
replying to Thank you Bill! posted by Robert

Thank you for your rant.

Whilst It makes sense to code your pages to comply to a specific standard.

There is little point when the major browsers available don't even follow the entire standard. And I'm not having a go at Microsoft here (Netscape haven't implemented the full Cascading Style Sheet standard in their browser).

So whilst you go on about how everyone should code to standards because then all pages will look nice. Think about the mess the actual browser is making of your "Standard" web page.

Then think, if you really did care about your viewers - you would do your best to make your site work on ALL platforms, even if that requires checking what browser the viewer is using and dynamically modifying your code to compensate for browser incompatibilities, not just blindly following a standard because it is a "standard".

Until a browser that adheres to the standards 100% arrives, we are all going to live with the extra work. When that browser arrives then, by all means, I will wholeheartedly support it. Until that day I will keep coding seperate sections of pages for different browsers.

As an aside to this message, if we all blindly followed the standards, then all the webpages in the world would still have grey backgrounds and no graphics.
It took innovation (from these big companies that are trying to SCREW you) to get the internet where it is today. I think you should actually thank them for the time and effort they have invested to enable you to be in business on the Internet today.


>Thank you Bill for posting the validator reports! I think you've made a great point. I design all of my pages to pass this standard, and I believe everyone should.
>For those of you that don't understand, people have been getting upset because bad design hurts everyone. We all waste our time loading pages that look horrible and can even screw up our browsers; we don't do it by choice, we do it because some of our fellow web designers were inconsiderate when they built their sites. If you're going to lure people to your site without a warning that it won't work right because you don't care, you should be prepared to take the critisism that comes along with it.
>If poor code becomes standard, and alternative choices disappear because people who don't know any better buy a bad program by the millions (innocently, which I'm sure is the case for most of you), we will all be stuck with it.
>The W3C standard is created by people who are looking out for our best interests! It is in our best interest to follow the standard.
>As far as coding by hand, versus with a program, coding by hand is clearly better. I code entirely by hand now, and it is actually MUCH FASTER than using a program, as well as more compatible!
>If you have to have a web site now, and you don't have time to learn from scratch you have several options:
>1. Hire a professional to do it for you.
>2. Get a program like DreamWeaver that writes code for you, but lets you see it so you can learn as you go; Dreamweaver also does not mess with code that you write yourself, turning good code into bad.
>3. Build a poorly coded site, and loose a little money every day because of it. After all, if you can't see how much it costs, then it must not cost anything.
>What it comes down to is that it will cost you less in the long run to do it right. As an added benefit, we'll be better off as a community. Good software will get better, and the content of the net will be better for us all.
>I'm sorry if my angry ramblings are stepping on anyone's toes, but I really feel strongly about this. It is rude to call someone a moron and it is just as rude to create a web site that won't work right under a common standard that has been established FOR THE GOOD OF THE INTERNET AS A WHOLE because you just don't give a damn. Big companies don't care about us and only push the technologies that will bring them the most gain, good or bad. QUIT HELPING THEM SCREW EVERYONE! The web is what we make it. I want my little piece of it to be friendly to everyone.

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