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Re: Newest Frontpage
From Inachu on 3 Dec '01
replying to Newest Frontpage posted by Raymond

I always crop using a real photo editor.

I never use a website desgin program to do my photo editing.

I either use

Paint brush for the easy tasks.
Netstudio for bulk photo processing like turning all color to
black and white.

Adobe Deluxe to retouch the photo and make it look like new or
edit out an object.

It could mean they took your option out in FP2002 or moved it some
place else within the program.


>On the new 2002 Front Page by Microsoft, if anyone is using it.
>Do you know why when you bring a picture in that you've scanned
>you can't make it crop it after you already saved it. For
>example, I insert pic, save it, later want to crop it but when I
>crop it, it always reverts back to the original way it was when I
>open the page back up. I'm vexed. ??? I don't get it. Does anyone
>know why this is the way it is?

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