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static placeholder for animated gifs
From Sandy Sansing at Arkansas Ceramic Products on 13 Dec '01
Hi...does anyone know of a way (i.e. Javascript or some slick
trick) to display a static image "placeholder" until an animated
GIF loads? I have an animated logo in the upper-left corner of
my top border frame, and often the entire site can load before
the gif can get through...

Another question: Is it possible to keep the .gif from
displaying until it is fully queued in the client's computer?
(This is to prevent the sluggishness on the first
revolution...subsequent revolutions use the queued temp file.)

And a third query: Is there a way to specify the load order of
graphics on a website? I would prefer (on the examples page)
that the graphics load top-to-bottom...but sometimes they seem to
load whenever they want.

I have had one year of C++ training, so I can do *a little* Java
programming, but if someone knows of an easier way, it would be
greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any other comments, feel
free to e-mail me at webmaster(at)arkansasceramics(dot)com. (I
hate spambots.)

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