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Re: Front Page bashing a la Max
From Jim on 18 Dec '98
replying to Front Page bashing a la Max posted by Nicholas

>Looking over the convoluted code of Front Page sites,
>I find no obvious security breaches.

No, the security breaches aren't in the HTML code, it's just plain

>May we gather that Front Page designed sites are in
>no way a security hazard - rather it's the act of setting
>up a Web server to accommodate FP pages that creates
>the hazard?


>If so, is it a general matter of how FP accommodation
>forces the administrators to configure the server, or
>specific keyholes?

If you know FrontPage well enough, you can close the breaches quite
easily. The trouble is that FP is marketed to people who don't know
a hell of a lot about it, so they just go with the defaults,
whereupon FP happily configures the server with the front door wide
open. Well, that's what I've heard, anyway, I can't confirm it first
hand because you'd have to chain me to a chair and pull my fingernails
before I went anywhere near it...

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