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Re: Custom 404 pages
From Arun Agrawal at Affordable Website design services on 15 Dec '01
replying to Re: Custom 404 pages posted by Dale


That is not what I meant. The browsers are showing my custom 404 page.

I want to find out what page request triggered the 404 error so
that I can correct the problem at the root level.

Arun Agrawal

>If no browser displays your custom 404 messages, then your server
>probably is not configured properly.
>If only Internet Explorer ignores your custom 404 messages, then
>you've been caught by its "friendly" HTTP error messages. When a
>special HTTP response (e.g., a 404 response) is shorter than 512
>bytes, Internet Explorer substitutes its own message for the one
>delivered by the server. As a user of Internet Explorer, you can
>disable this feature in the "Advanced" options panel. As a web
>author, your only recourse is to make the error page longer.
>>I am using a similar idea to redirect 404 errors to my error-
>>recovery page. But I am not sure how to learn which pagerequest
>>created this error so that I can avoid the error itself.
>>Any pointers?
>>Arun Agrawal

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