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Re: How Europeans easily can accept credit cards ?
From petr on 18 Dec '01
replying to How Europeans easily can accept credit cards ? posted by Hans Biedermann

Hello Verza merchant,

By now you must have heard the bad news that Verza will no longer
be taking our credit card processing. I myself have been using
Verza for four months now. Anyway I knew little about this
beforehand (but I didnt realized it will be this soon) and did
some research and came up with another payment processor that is
even cheaper than Verza. Its called 2checkout. Here are some of
the plus points that I have found to be valuable for me:

cheaper to use than Verza - at 5.5 percent plus 0.45 cents per

for International users - wiring fees can be low or free
accepts all four major cards - Master, Visa, Discover and Amex
accepts payment from all over the world instead of selected few

easy html codes using either link or form tags
you can incorporate your own shopping cart program
sells products and services
take auction payments too
safe - going to be insured with Lyodds of England
and many more
Here take a look yourself and do some research and you will find
them to be good. The URL is

Yes, I do make a small referrer commission but I am first and
foremost an online merchant just like yourself, and I am in the
same predicament as I too have to make a switch.

Hope this helps you as it has helped me, btw I found your address
using a search engine.


>Servus mitananda!
>(Hi everybody in Austrian/German)
>I donīt know, if you know, that itīs a really difficult for most European individiums, or small companies, to get allowance from credit card companies to accept credit cards payment, if itīs an internet business. Itīs almost impossible, if you donīt have phantastic credit background.
>What to do ?
>Of course, there is the possibility to start an offshore company in Delaware or so, but it costs and is rather complicated to start and run.
>I was looking around a lot, but I only found a service from „Verza", but unfortunately, they donīt like Austrians, like me.
>Does somebody know another practicable solution ?
>I want to start an arts and craft shop (beautiful things from central europe), but Iīm afraid it will not make too much sense without being able accepting credit cards.
>Thanks and

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