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Nested Tables in Netscape 4.76
From M Hatch on 20 Dec '01
Alright, I have read thru the messages, and not found an answer.
I have a customer who is a devoted netscape (4.76) user. I am
developing pages on the corporate intranet and can't seem to get
the darn things to turn out the way I want. I have a 3x3 table,
in the first row, I am spanning all 3 columns and am putting in a
table generated by Macromedia Fireworks, so far so good. In the
next row, I have the width of each cell set to 33%. In each one
of these I have inserted another table that contains various
information to be presented on the front page. In the first cell
I have a 1x9 table, and it works as I would expect. In the
second cell I have a 1x4 table, and it also works, In the third
cell I have a 2x9 table with an image in the left column and
bulleted text on the right. Here's the kicker. As soon as I put
content into the 2x9 table netscape decides not to follow the 33%
sizing and takes about 50% of the original table for the 3
column. Everything I read says that the code is good. It works
in IE and the Netscape problem isn't as pronounced on the
Netscape running on a SUN. Any ideas? Right now I am leaning
towards layers. At least they seem to work.

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