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From Mark Heading at Home Biz Marketing on 15 Jan '02
replying to NEW BUSINESS posted by MIKE

Hi Kevin

The ebooks with resell rights don't work all that well in my
experience unless you get in there and focus on giving it away!

As for a home business, I'm involed in one that is down to earth,
straight forward and the websites are very easy to follow! We
have an on-going training program so you don't need to know all
that much about business or the internet. If you don't do
anything else sign up for our Free internet income course! This
will give you guidence.

Hope this helped!

Mark Heading

>I am thinking about starting up an internet business. I dont
>really know too much about the tech side of the biz. where can i
>find help.
>P.S. do those people that sell e-books with reasale rights on
>the internet really make money? Just wondering

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