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Re: Rotating content
From Steven P on 24 Jan '02
replying to Re: Rotating content posted by Dale

Thanks for your answer.

We already have something from htmlgear which gives us fresh text
each time you log on or refresh (see our Pet Trivia and Pet Names
sections at , this works well but
doesn't give any control on timing.

BTW I would recommend httlgear from tripod as handy for the
novice webdesigner.


>Can't say Ive seen anything like that, but thier are scripts that
>randomly display picures every logon or refresh.
>>I am the webmaster of two pet related websites -
>>VetShopOnline includes a pet of the week section where you can
>>send in a photo of your pet. When I go on holidays I would like
>>to "pre-load" photos so that the photo changes each week without
>>me having to actually change the page and upload to our server.
>>Any suggestions on how I can do this?
>>p.s. I use frontpage 98
>>p.p.s would also appreciate any other comments on the websites.
>>p.p.p.s If you own a pet, you should compare our prices ;)

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