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Sorry, caffeine withdrawls.
From Bill on 19 Feb '99
replying to No. posted by Bill

>>Does anyone know if a Dreamweaver-based web will rank higher on the major engines than a FP98-based web?
>Anyone can make ugly/sloppy code with anything. Try duct tape.

It doesn't matter what WYSIWYG editor you use. If the page is
poorly structured (i.e. abused Heading tags, incorrect useage of
elements) you'll still have a hard time. Machines read machine
language. Search engine robots are machine applications. They read
only what they're able. They skip scripts, some comments, some
meta tags, images.

If you want a human perspective of what a robot sees when it
visits your page, Telnet in to a UNIX box and run the page through
Lynx. Most pages created with an editor fail because the operators
don't know how to use the markup elements correctly.

It does pay to know the code. It's also much faster. I don't have
to spend time correcting the mistakes made by an editor.

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