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Title Case Function
From Michael Hatch on 12 Feb '02
I have a breadcrumbing script that I would like to modify so that
the pieces of the path that are parsed out can be printed on the
screen as title case (Path vs path). I have modified the code to
do it inline, but would like to convert it to a function. The
function should look something like this:

function titleCase(word)
var wordLength = word.length;
var newWord = word.substring(0,1).tUpperCase() +


The problem comes when I try to use it in a line like this:
function leaveCrumbs()

for loop.....
crumb += titleCase(array[i]) + other formating code

end for

unfortunately it will alert all day, but I have not been able to
find a way to make it modify the actual variable in the first
function. Any ideas?


Mike Hatch

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