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Re: Table Swapping
From David A on 26 Feb '02
replying to Table Swapping posted by Michael Hatch

2 solutions for ya,
1. You can always image swap with a transparent gif.
2. PHP or ASP can do this very easily. Check out this new site
I'm working on. User
selectable color theme (click on the little colored boxes). This
is only a beta site right now.

>Good morning,
>Once again, I have been asked to do the impossible. I have a
>page that has a table (1 column x 2 rows)at the top and the
>bottom. Initially each cell will contain a background color and
>some text. These tables are contained in a document header and
>footer. I need to have some scripting in the body where the user
>will set a variable to change the background color and the text
>in both of these tables. Can it be done? I have played around
>with several things and the only one that comes close is doing
>some image swapping. Which brings me to my second question. Can
>I delete an image from a page without replacing it? If I use
>straight images, I may need to delete one of them.
>Michael Hatch

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