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Re: Rob of Master Spas!
From Dan at Master Spas and Hot Tubs on 18 March '02
replying to Re: Rob of Master Spas! posted by Andrew


If you are talking about the spamming being done on, it is not me. As for doing more harm than good
- I would generally agree, even though the thread does get
deleted once they see it.

That forum is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to anonymous - and potentially
damaging to the entire hot tub industry as a whole. They really
need to come up with a login ability like has. It
at least makes it more time consuming and less likely for
competitors to bang each other up. And the ones that do, give
themselves a bad name on these forums anyways.

The president of Master Spas is very adamant about not trash
talking about the competition. It only hurts the industry in the
long run.

Thanks for your heads up though :))))


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