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Re: How to make a site compatible to all/more browsers
From Dale on 27 March '02
replying to How to make a site compatible to all/more browsers posted by info

>Any java code can help to make a site more compatible to all
>major browsers?

Unless you are coding by hand and not using copy and paste
scripts. its a little different for each browser, I just went
from a framed site to CSS, if I would have known thier was that
much trouble with Netscape I would have went another
route...finally ended up redirecting Netscape users to another
version on my main page, faster to do that then fix all the
issues in the coding.

I have Netscape 4.7 & 6.2 M$IE5.5 and Opera v5, once everthing is
uploaded then I just fire up the different browsers to see what
has to be fixed....netscape seems always the biggest problems in
alot off area's, but then again they don't let error's by very
easy like IE does.

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