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Re: I need a new host!!!
From Bob Williams at Online Portfolio, Search Engine Optimization on 25 April '02
replying to Re: I need a new host!!! posted by David

My 2 cents. Since the serious hosting game is big business, the
numbers change continually as far as quantity, quality and price.

Not sure exactly what your criteria are, but what I do each and
every time I help a client setup/move/change a webhost, I do a
fresh round of research, using (and there are
many others).

These folks continually scan the industry and provide monthly
fresh looks at who's who in the zoo.

Lastly, I almost never recommend smaller hosting companies to my
clients. Why? Several reasons. You get what you pay for. Since
website hosting is as much a utility service anymore as telephone
or electrical services, the top 10-20 webhosting companies give
great packages at very competitive pricing and add the additional
security of large stable corporate security with double/triple

For the money, paying $5-10 bucks more per month is well worth it.

Hope this helps.

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