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HELP! Netscape problems!
From jeannie at on 26 April '02
I am working on a site now, and am having a problem with some of
the pages in Netscape. For instance, if you go to the page flashes in
netscape, and then I get an error that says "the page cannot be
found" This is only happening in netscape ( I am running 4.76)

I do not know why this is happening. I went down the nav bar to
check each page, and about half of them are doing this. Any
suggesttions? I even tried to cut and paste a page that was
working properly, and then add the text, but still got the same

Also, on my resources page, some of the hyperlinks look like
rollovers, and some of them are underlined. I checked the code
and it looks ok. ANy suggestions?

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