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Re: Web Design Contracts
From Webmastersanta on 2 May '02
replying to Web Design Contracts posted by NightFly ~*

>>I believe the subject has been touched here before but would like to
>>ask specifically anyway. Am just starting a design biz and would like to
>>make sure I have all the necessary information in my customer's
>>contracts. How does everyone else handle this issue? Are there any
>>generic sample contracts out there I could look at to get an idea? Would
>>anyone object to sending me one of theirs?


>You can get information from the HTML Writer's Guild. Though not a
>member I have found some of their info useful. You might also search
>for the keywords "all-media rights, blanket contract, kill fee,
>electronic rights, ownership, and perpetuity." ~*

I am too trying to break into the Web design/webmaster business
if you have any info on contracts prices etc. then post here

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