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Re: Making MP3's open in a player instead of downloading
From Inachu at on 24 May '02
replying to Making MP3's open in a player instead of downloading posted by Sarah Marie Klaren

As you have seen on some site that the file name is key to the
success of having it played in the desired player of your choice.

REal player has an extension of RM and the real media extention
to play through its player ends in RMA. Windows media has the
same difference with its own WMA file format.

Winamp also use a unique way same as above to stream the file to
the player. Check out and see how easy it is to do.

By the way they also have shoutcast but this is a little bit more
involved than what you are askign but just keeping the options
open for ya.


>I am a recording artist and want to put samples of my songs on my
>website. They are in .MP3 format. But when you click on them,
>they automatically start to download, and I don't want people to
>be able to download them onto their computer, only be able to
>listen to them. How do I make it so that when I a person clicks
>on the song to hear it, it will automatically play or open in a
>I would appreciate a quick reply by email, thanks!!

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