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Re: Java "add to favorites/bookmark" script
From Shelley at on 9 July '02
replying to Java "add to favorites/bookmark" script posted by Ted

>Does anyone know a java script that will automatically detect the
>page's url without having to insert it in the html? I'd like to
>add this script to many pages very often and don't want to have
>to add the url in each script. I've been unable to find one.
>Hoping some savvy Webmaster on here might have one. Thanks.

By far the best place for this sort of thing, is a free site I
found recently - - the mind boggles at the
variety. It also has a handful of excellent links - I'm 99%
certain you will find it there.

Enjoy the site!

Something else you may find very useful is adminder :
[Yip - that is affiliate ID cause I use it so much!]

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