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Re: What is this HTML tag?????
From Inachu on 23 July '02
replying to What is this HTML tag????? posted by jeannie

If you have a ASP or COLD FUSION SERVER it could just mean
anything as with the quasai C++ language it has you can setup
any character to hold some data. If you are deconstructing the
site then use a search field for all instances this should help
you find where they point to...

but as the name implies designtimesp=7280 can mean that when the page
reaches the date age of 7-28 at zero hour then have it do

So in your case it can mean it will change due to the fact the site
has and uses dynamic content......

Or if the previous webmaster left in a fuss it could be a time
bomb ready to shut the website down at a certain date.

So if I was you I would backup the site first then pick through
the code and take what you like....

Good Luck!


>I have just taken over the maintenance of a new web site, and
>throughtoput the site in the ntml, keep coming across this tag <p
>Does anyone know what it means? I have looke daround but have
>not found anyhting.

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