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yahoo email
From Markus Allen at FREE marketing tips for online marketers on 14 August '02
Did you hear Yahoo is charging almost $20.00 a year for their
currently free e-mail account?

I've been using a similar service as my free backup email
account... it's pretty nifty... easy to use and since it's
relatively unknown, I've never received an unsolicited spam email

Check out:
<A HREF=""></A>

Speaking of spam, I've been using a really cool free tool to
slash the amount of unsolicated e-mail spam from my inbox. I use
<A HREF="http://www.sneakemail/">Sneakemail</A> to create on the
fly temporary e-mail addresses that forward to my regular
account. That way, if I signup for a newsletter and they send me
millions of spam messages, I just visit my account at Sneakemail
and delete that temporary email address... bam... no more
unsolicited email spam.

Tell me what you think if you decide to try it by replying to
this post.

Markus Allen

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