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Re: Web design question
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 28 August '02
replying to Re: Web design question posted by jnenc

Not that I am aware of. The best thing to do is make the site
W3C compatable. The best browser to test this with is Opera.

>Thanks! Is there a java script somewhere which can make a site
>looks the same on every browser and computer?
>>Before I even get to the blue line, let me tell you a few things
>>I noticed.
>>1.) The site took over 4 minutes to load on a 56K modem. If I
>>wasn't looking to asnwer your question, I would never have stayed
>>to see the site.
>>2.) Have you ever looked at the site in Netscape? It doesn't
>>work in netscape.
>>Ok, the problem with you image is the image itself. It needs to
>>be corrected. The image has a whitespace below it. That is why
>>it looks like it does.
>>>As you can see, I uses blue line with white background as
>>>background image to seperate content area with link areas.
>>>It looks perfectly fine in my computer, but after I uploaded it
>>>to the server, it becomes what you seen. Between each duplicated
>>>background image there is a space.
>>>Makes it look like the blue line has broken. Any suggestion on
>>>how to fix this problem?

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