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Re: Klez IP Address
From Dale on 28 Sept '02
replying to Klez IP Address posted by Dave

Go on Google and search Whois, go down 3-5 and find the Arin one,
put in the IP and it will give you the Host name, keep clicking
on the blue highlighted words until you get the Host's main name
and webmaster's email...then email then about the problem.

>Just posted a message on here and it was there for a few minutes.
>Now it's gone. Ugh. Anyway, someone is infected with the virus
>Klez. They have been forwarding a gazillion emails on my behalf
>and I need to stop them. I have their IP address. Is there anyway
>to contact someone with just an IP address? I'm sure they don't
>know they have this virus and it would be great to stop this.

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