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Re: mpgs mpegs
From Inachu on 30 Sept '02
replying to mpgs mpegs posted by Ted

If they do load then you have to consider the environment they
are under.

Running on the same network?

Do they all have the latest service patches and Y2k updates?
Do they all have the latest browsers installed?
With the newer IE isntalled the newer engine can enhance

do they all perform the same funciton? If yes then make sure they
all have the same amount of memory.

Is the page swap file defragged? you can delete it and on next
boot a new fresh one will be created that is not cutup like 20
times or so.

Are the hard drives at 7,4xx rpm or faster?
Do they all use the same version of real player?

if you use a proxy server for your network if you use one have
you checked for any updates or for a newer version?

Some proxies are buggy....

Good Luck!


>I have added two mpgs to my website. They are real player videos.
>The problem I'm having is that they seem to be loading very slow
>for their size. This only happens on some computers. Others they
>run fine on. Is there a secret to uploading a mpg?

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