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Tip on Media Player
From Dale on 4 Dec '02
Your Windows Media Player may be spying on you!
Why? Because the default settings of the Windows Media Player
allows Internet sites to uniquely identify your system by
assigning a unique number to your system and its connection. This
allows them to track you selections much like a cookie. This
'watching' of your choices is bothersome to some users, so here
is how you can turn it off:

1. Open the Windows Media Player (Usually located in
Programs/Accessories/Entertainment or by clicking on Start/Run
and typing in 'wmplayer' and clicking the OK button.)

2. Click the 'Tools' menu and then on 'Options'
3. Remove the checkmark from the 'Allow Internet sites to
uniquely identify your Player' checkbox

4. Click 'Apply' and then click 'OK'
5. Close the Media Player and re-open for this new setting to
take effect.

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