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XHTML - Worth Converting?
From Chris Sharkey at Ozstays on 7 Feb '03
I read a great article yesterday on about XHTML
and how it will eventually become a replacement for HTML. To
summarise for those who don't know what XHTML is - it is
essentially a stricter form of HTML which enforces practices like
well-formed XML and proper use of attributes.

In that past my web sites have (and still do) consisted of
terribly sloppy HTML code since I am essentially a programmer and
just dump output in the quickest (and easiest) way I can, so
conforming to standards isn't something I'm accustomed to.
However since converting to using Linux I realise the importance
of standards for people who don't just use Internet Explorer on
Windows XP with a resolution of 1024x768 and a Mickey Mouse mouse

So as I re-write my code to be faster and to implement my caching
system I am attempting to convert my output to well-formed XHTML.

My questions are;

1/ How important is well formed HTML/XHTML in terms of a search

2/ Will my sites be penalised because they are in XHTML?
3/ Do you know if XHTML is backwards-compatible with older forms
of Netscape?

4/ Do you believe that browsers will really enforce this standard
in the future?

Chris Sharkey

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