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Third-party shopping cart and PayPal
From Susan Ross Moore at Fannish Enterprises on 6 March '03
I have a Web site that accepts Visa/MasterCard and checks. My
merchant fees aren't that high, but my site gets very little
traffic, so I spend more for them than I bring in a month. So, I
want to a) add PayPal acceptance to my existing shopping cart
(home-grown, programmed in PHP and I use MySQL for a database)
and probably later b) drop my existing merchant account.

I've scoured the Web for info on doing this. I'm not a great
programmer (someone else programmed my shopping cart and doesn't
feel comfortable about adding the PayPal info, either), and the
PayPal shopping cart manual is scary. Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to add PayPal to my payment options, and,
hopefully, allow the purchase process to be basically the same as
it is now?

Thanks in advance!

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