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Re: reading a remote file in perl
From fish on 3 April '03
replying to Re: reading a remote file in perl posted by David A

>I wish to read files from a remote URL and process them server side, effectively "re-publishing" them in my own site.
>I have the remote site owners permission.
>The first thing I want to do is get the script to copy the file to my local website, from there on in it will be processed as a local file.
>The problem I have is a very trivial one, I don't know how to use perl to copy the file from the remote site to my local site.
>It is the reading the file in to start with that is causing me the problem, is there an equivilent command to "open" that works on a remote file
>Thanks in advacne for any help.
>Simon Comins

I had a need for this exact thing. I could not find a good
solution so I gave up. If you find out how please share it with

I seemed to manage it!!!

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