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From Jim on 21 Feb '99
replying to Message Boards posted by Michael Hamilton

>I am setting up a site and want to add a message board. I checked out
>Matts message board but alot of people have complained about its inability
>to handle multiple posts at one time. This is just an info site and
>it's not for revenue so I don't want to spend the $ if there is a
>good shareware program.

What they're referring to is that the CGI script doesn't use "flock"
to lock the files while they're being written to. This is really not
a problem unless you have people posting messages more than several
times a minute :)

There are quite a few shareware/freeware message board scripts around,
but I would encourage you to go for Matt's Wwwboard, as you originally
intended. The deadlock board you're at now started life as Wwwboard,
although it's been hacked beyond recognition now.

Some reasons why I like Wwwboard:

* It generates static pages for the messages, which can be indexed
by the search engines. Users are talking about your topic, so these
pages will always be packed with keywords and you'll eventually be
pleasantly surprised to find many of them with high listings. It's
a bit like having your own "gateway page" generator, with other
people designing them for you.

* As far as I'm aware, it was the first public script of its kind and
it's certainly by far the most popular still. This means you'll never
be short of advice to help you install and run it.

* It's an ideal script to study and learn Perl. It's what got me
hooked on Perl, anyway :)

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