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Merchant Accounts. How avoid multiple merchant accounts?
From John Webley at Electric Motorized Golf Caddy. Powered Golf Cart on 26 July '03
We are in the process of preparing an ongoing series of multiple
web sites for a local businessman who is just now attempting to
enter the Internet market. All of these sites will sell a
product. Some of these sites will be for completely different
products - some for similar products (from different
manufacturers) - and some for exactly the same product, but at a
different price or whatever.

As an example please see

Our problem is that these are all by nature "test" sites - some
might work out and sell product,, but the majority probably

Whilst the monthly cost of one consolidated merchant account for
credit cards would be economically acceptable, the cost of an
individual account for all sites would definitely not, and isn't
something that can even be considered. For lower ticket items
telephone sales for individual sales would also not be practical.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

John Webley

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