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Online iConference for FREE ?!!!
From ProductDrivende at Get your own iConference-Room now !!! on 5 August '03

The Most Powerful Affiliate Program In the World ! You will be
empowered !

We're not changing the world ... We're EMPOWERING the people who
are !

Anyone who has made the most tentative of searches via the
Internet will know the Internet is awash with countless business
opportunities, plans and outright scams. Some are excellent, many
are simply desperate for your cash, giving empty promises of
instant wealth in exchange for little or no effort on your
part...or theirs! We won't insult your intelligence with "get-
rich-quick" hype. A successful business requires integrity,
fortitude, commitment and a sound business model. This
unparalleled global business opportunity is backed by a
management team with the rare virtues of honesty and integrity.

The internet can also be a lonely and frustrating place for those
first starting out trying to do business on it . The technology
can be overwhelming for many people and the learning curve can be
painful. Many give up through sheer frustration! ProductDriven is
unlike any other opportunity on the internet. Although we are a
technology company, our mission is to empower people. We are
changing peoples lives in many ways with our products, services
training and community spirit.

ProductDriven is helping people around the world build successful
home-based businesses, and can help you too... provided you are
teachable and have a desire to succeed. ProductDriven is also a
place where anyone who owns a business, or is thinking about
starting one, can find friendship, great new ideas and plenty of
time tested strategies- that work !

The ProductDriven opportunity offers you 3 levels of affiliate
packages and income potentials.

- Free Affiliate
- Standard Affiliate
- Premium Affiliate

Your market potential for the product range is huge - and growing
by the minute !

More and more people are using the Internet each day in search of
marketing tools and training.

A business having a website is simply not enough, they must have
additional tools and the knowledge on how they can profit from
this new technology. Online education is now big business.

If you haven't as yet viewed the individual products, training,
Online Learning Center and Marketing Resource Center in detail,
we strongly encourage you to do so. We will continue to expand
these to further enhance your performance, finances and
fulfilment of your desired lifestyle.

Our free Affiliate package offers you the chance to 'take a look'
before having to outlay any monies and you can upgrade to a paid
package at any time.

Our multi-faceted business and patent pending compensation plan
is attracting the interest of entrepreneurs around the globe.
(Patent Pending No. PTO 60/401423)

You can feel comfortable that as the Internet continues to evolve
and as new Internet technologies emerge, in ProductDriven you
have a partner that will be looking out for your ongoing

Individuals, small to medium sized companies and large
corporations can now enjoy the benefits of high-end technology
and training for a fraction of the usual cost.

Your Online Business Center offers you a unique and rewarding
online environment in which you can work from the comfort of your
own home.

In a nutshell, with our products community and pay plan, not only
build your business and life... you can improve your lifestyle !

For more information go to:

Kind regards by J.O. Schneppat ;-)

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