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Re: shopping cart sugestions?
From Andrew on 14 August '03
replying to Re: shopping cart sugestions? posted by Inachu

Cool! and answer! thanks Inachu

Cash? now come on, who's "got the cash"?

I know somewhere, something exists "out of the box" that will
work. Actually, I'm looking at 2 right now. One of them should do
the simplistic things I need.

>>I'm hoping someone might be able to sugest a shopping cart... I
>>need to abandon and replace the one I"m currently using.
>>A few requirements (of course :-)
>>all ordering pages MUST be generated from static HTML pages
>>allow up to 11 options for an individual item (i.e. color, size,
>>fabric choice etc.)
>>When an "add to basket" button is clicked, the shopper must NOT
>>be transported to another page! (I REALLY like how the paypal
>>shopping cart opens the "basket" in a new window).
>>I MUST have all the necessary shopping cart programming "in hand"
>>and running on my own server (no way I'll risk a company going
>>out of business and my shopping cart vanishing forever :-)
>>Anyone have any ideas of something that might "fit the bill"?
>>thank you so much, in advance
>There are several commercial alternatives but if you got the cash
>to build one yourself you can try building it with Flash and

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