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Re: Advice needed
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 21 August '03
replying to Advice needed posted by Tracey Watson

If money wasn't an option, I would buy the biggest baddest
computer out there. I would buy all the software I could find.
Ok, so I am a tech junky and need help. I know this. :)

You need a computer that will keep up with you. If you are just
starting off, then you don't need top of the line. (Day dreaming
about a Power Mac G5) Umm, where was I? Oh yeah, you need an
average computer with at least 256 Ram and a 20 gig hard drive.

1.) You will need a image editor such as PhotoImpact.
2.) You will need a html editor such as Dreamweaver or(shuddering
at the thought) FrontPage.

3.) You will need fonts, fonts and more fonts. Ok, maybe not, but
I love fonts.

4.) You will need an FTP client such a CuteFTP.
5.)You will need a book on HTML. You cannot live without this. I
recommend "HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual
QuickStart Guide, Fifth Edition". I purchased this book in the
HTML 3 version years ago and keep upgrading to the newest book.
It is wonderful.

>Well I haven't got a web page yet but want to set one up in the
>very near future and would like some advice. I do have a computer
>but not a very good one and want to buy a new one. What would be
>the minimum specifications I will need to set up a good site and
>what software will I need to get to get started?

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