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Re: online message boards
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 22 Feb '99
replying to online message boards posted by Marge

>Have a ? about the 'online message boards'
>on a lot of sites, I seen them with maybe one message a month posted.
>to me, that's a real turn-off.
>I am running two separate versions of Jim's to update
>visitors about changes to the page, the other as a freestanding mailing
>list...where was Onelist when I needed it.
>the mail list gets a fair amount of traffic, and I think if I didn't
>have THAT, starting a discussion list on the page might have worked
>well, after all, I visit THIS place every day to pick your brains.
>But I seriously wonder if adding an online msg. board would draw
>people where the 'other stuff' is available?
>and I think a 'dead' message board is a REAL bad advertisement for a
>input from those with more experience to share?

One of our two sites has had an online board for more than a year.
We get about one posting a month. The newer version of our site
did not include a message board.

Also we have a survey form on our site which gets lots of activity
(questions about nurses uniforms) and is pretty useful to us.
People take the survey very seriously and use it to voice their
gripes about nursing apparel. We get some good suggestions too.

I personally like BBs (obviously) and it would be fun to have an
active spirited discussion group on our site, but I think our
customers just don't understand them.

This is an interesting topic.

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