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Re: Key Word Help?
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 27 August '03
replying to Re: Key Word Help? posted by tabatha

>>Should you put key words on each page of your site? and should
>>they be different? or just on the index page?
>think the index is fine. Has anyone here helped you with the
>site? Hope? You helped me and several of my friends.

Well since my name was dragged into this, I guess I should comment.

Keywords meta tags are not very important anymore. I would not
fuss too much over them. You should have a set of tags on each
page though and they should be unique.

Make sure every page on your site has a unique title that
describes the page.

Make sure every page on your site has a unique description meta
tag that describes the page.

You need to focus on the title, decription and the copy on the
page. This is very important. You also need to get as many
inbound links as possible. This is the key to higher rankings
right now.

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