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Re: AMEN! A moderator!
From Bill on 22 Feb '99
replying to Re: AMEN! A moderator! posted by Jim

>>>Please - I think we need a moderator ... ;-)
>I've got news for you: this board already has three human moderators
>AND a built-in spam filter. Would it surprise you to learn that 5-10
>"get rich quick" spams are posted here every day? Have you ever seen
>While I don't condone rudeness, I'll let it pass if it's attached
>to a valid opinion or information. What really irritates me is
>pointless whining. I mean, who's interested in reading a blank
>post entitled "Amen! A moderator!"? Well, I ask you.
>If you don't like what somebody is saying, stand up and argue with
>them. Don't ask me to CENSOR them.

Hmm. I see one moderator here, who shows up every two weeks or so.
Who are the other two? The Canadian model on your home page? As for
your dubious SPAM filter. Most of your 5 - 10 Spams were from me,
trying to write the acronym for What You Sh*t Is What You Get. As
for the SPAM scams, if wes had any sense he'd have bombed the board
a long time ago.

While I don't always avoid rudeness, I do only offer opinions for the
newbies who cruise your site with silly questions that are worth
a response. I was never asking for censureship of anyone. I was
simply agreeing that a "recognized" moderator would benefit this
list. Hell, if this board was moderated, I'd even consider signing
up on an opt-in mailing list. But you know how that attracts those
evil spammers. Eh, Jim.

IMHO, owning a domain name is going to attact SPAM, no matter what.
I ONLY registered a domain name with the InterNIC and wound up on
six mailing lists. Go figure. Do ya think there sellin' our addies?

It's what's between the lines that you're missing.

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