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Re: Download Counter - 2 Questions
From Raymond Russelburg at on 3 Jan '04
replying to Download Counter - 2 Questions posted by Dale

>Hi, anyone use a download counter, would pref a javascript one,
>or a link to a site with JS code. Also how do you hide the
>location of your downloadable files? or is this like the NRClick
>impossibilites? Thanks

ok 1st you cant hide the location of your downloadables.
2nd it is nearly impossible to get a download counter that
resides on your own server, however, I did find one. You must
chmod it to get it to work. I'll tell you where to get everything
you need to do this, including the chmoder for windows (all
software is free)

1st go to this site and download "coutndown lite".

2nd go to this site and download "1st transfer". this is an ftp
program that gives you chmod capabilities in windows.

just find your file in the left window, right click and choose

You may also wish to download 1stpage for your html editing. Its
free and awesome.

Of course you'll need perl too. You get that from here:

Install all this and you you have your download counter. To see
it in action just visit my web site here:

The counter on this page is a hit counter. Click on Agree and
click on either of the links on the bottom to view the downloads.
that is the download counter in action. Any questions about
setting this up feel free to email me or add me to your buddy
list on msn messenger.

my email address is
I don't have a problem walking you through it step by step on
line if you wish.

Also I run windows XP so these items DO WORK.

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