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Re: online message boards
From Jim on 22 Feb '99
replying to online message boards posted by Marge

>and I think a 'dead' message board is a REAL bad advertisement for a
>input from those with more experience to share?

Obviously, your board isn't going to run at breakneck speed from the
moment you put it up. A couple of tips for getting it started:

Don't put any dates on the posts at first, it's more to do with the
time lag between posts that's likely to put people off.

Start it off yourself. Post a few questions and answers with
ficticious names every day, until real people start posting.

Link to it heavily. Make sure users know it's there, and don't
make it difficult for them to get there - no logins, passwords

Don't post any "rules" until you need to :-) At first, you want
quantity of posts, you can address the quality once the quantity is

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